”Intuition & Mediumship”

Monaco April 29th & May 1st 2016



”Intuition & Mediumship” in Monaco April 29th & May 1st

Meet TV star Zoë in Monaco


Meet Zoë, Scandinavia´s most active spiritual leader with her own TV show, when she visits Monaco. This is a once in a lifetime experience you don´t want to miss, and it will change your life on a profound level!


A Pipeline to the Divine

MU kurs lång

Get inspired by Zoë´s charismatic glowing appearance to tap into the higher realms of reality.

Awake your innate intuitive and psychic abilities with Zoë´s playful and powerful tools, and open up your pipeline to the Divine. Her high vibrational energy will facilitate the connection with your inner wisdom as well as with your Spirit guide and other dimensions.



Take a Quantum leap in your Spiritual life!

Ylva, Stockholm

”Zoë opens up the Universe and share all of its power in a way that makes it seem like a ” walk in the park ”. Magnificent, mysterious and very natural!”

Ylva, Stockholm

Magnus Dahl, Adelsö

”Zoë, you are amazing. With all your soul you give a divine love, knowledge and miracles that touched me in the depths of my soul. Thanks!”



Magnus Dahl, Adelsö

Karolina Duraffourd, Gnesta

”Zoë is warm, wise and humorous. It is very comfortable to be near her. In addition, she is grounded, has a heart of gold and highly conscious .”

Karolina Duraffourd, Gnesta

”Intuition & Mediumship” – The workshops


Friday April 29th 7 – 9 PM 35 €

An introduction to intuition, inner guidance and mediumship. Zoë will explain how it works and what is possible, both from a scientific perspective and from a spiritual way of working with other realities than the physical world. We connect with our inner guidance in a very easy and very profound way.


Sunday May 1st 10 AM – 4 PM 150 €

Dedicate a whole day to explore your spiritual development. Get a deeper understanding of how to collaborate and boost your innate spiritual gifts. Meet your Spirit guide and access your psychic abilities thru easy and playful practical exercises.


The workshops suit both beginners as well as intermediate.


Venue: TBA, Monaco

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About Zoë

Zoë is one of Sweden’s most active spiritual leaders. She works as a psychic coach, healer, yoga teacher and workshop leader. She has created her own concepts Be an Attractive Magnet™, Atlantean Crystal Technology™ and Nordic Light Healing™. Zoë participates in the TV show “Life on the Other Side” and is a sought after course leader and healer, with a long waiting list.


She also has a background in Science with an MSc in Neurochemistry and she has worked within R&D at Astra and the Karolinska Institute with Alzheimers disease as well as DNA vaccines.


For many years she had a career as a singer and songwriter, and she participated in the swedish part of the Eurovision Song Contest, with her own song ”Hollywood-Do”.

Sessions for Zoë

During Zoë´s stay in Monaco she will give a limited amount of private sessions, both healing and psychic coaching. Please email info@zoeland.se to schedule a time. In Scandinavia she has a waiting list of almost a thousand people.